About Jackhuahua.com

Sparky the Jackhuahua

Years ago, I had a little Jackhuahua named Sparky who was the light of my life. I included a couple videos of him below. I thought I had made up the term Jackhuahua, but when I bought the domain Jackhuahua.com, I discovered that it was a designer dog breed in Europe! That inspired me to start my pet project (get it!?), where people could share their Jackhuahuas.

Now that I'm a web developer, I've created a version of Jackhuahua where you can make your own accounts and galleries. I hope you enjoy it, and if you ever have questions or concerns, you can always email me at rachel at jackhuahua dot com.

Visit the original Jackhuahua.com here: http://jackhuahua.blogspot.com.